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Felipe Cruz

Felipe holds a degree in Marketing & Advertisement by ESPM. He dedicated a good part of his career to marketing working with large entities and events in multinational agencies until he became an internet presenter and content creator. He is the founder of one of the largest channels in Brazil on social media with an audience of over 1 million followers. Felipe is one of the partners at Moraya Consulting and is directly responsible for the company’s marketing.

Victor Costa

MBA at INSEAD, graduated in Economics and Accounting Sciences, in addition to training in finance at Harvard, when he was Pedro’s roommate, Victor worked 7 years with M&A in Brazil. He worked 5 years in consulting and 2 years in a private equity invested company. He currently lives in England where he is Head of Finance for a publicly traded company in the London Stock Exchange.

Pedro Moraya

Ph.D. Researcher in foreign investment and international taxation at the University of Oxford and the University of Antwerp. He holds two master’s degrees and has received training at other schools, such as the London School of Economics and Harvard University.
He led a team of 150 individuals as a director in a World Bank-sponsored project. He assisted a multinational project based in London and Melbourne, called “The Wealth Effect”.